We Supply Drug Testing Kits

We Supply Drug Testing Kits

For Home Or Business Use: Drug testing cups, Cassettes, strips / saliva or urine Tests. We supply The NHS, The Police, The Prison Service, Rehab Centres, Night Shelters, Universities, Colleges, Private Hospitals, Companies big or small, and the general public

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Drug Testing Kits

Next day delivery on all tests. Drug Testing Kits at the LOWEST PRICES. We supply high accuracy rapid drug & alcohol testing kits to individuals and companies. Prices start for as little at £1.10 per test. We are discrete and all orders are in total confidence. We accept NHS orders. You can buy online or though our sales team. Tel: 0845 3881 543

LOWEST PRICE Drug Testing Kits for Home or Business use. High accuracy. Buy online.

We supply accurate and affordable home and business drug testing kits in the form of Drug testing kits. Drug testing strips. Drug testing cups. Breathalysers. Urine and saliva drug testing kits. We can supply any quantity however large or small. We send out all orders the day the order is placed, and all our orders go out first class post, so you should relieve your items the next day. We are a UK based company selling online drug testing kits. We supply rehab centres throughout the UK, and have now decided to offer our products to private individuals & companies at the same LOWEST PRICE the rehab centres pay. Parents or individuals who wish to test themselves or loved ones. We are happy to supply doctors, NHS Hospitals, & Clinics. All our kits have a high accuracy rate of a minimum of 98%. All items are in stock at all times. We guarantee the LOWEST PRICED Drug Testing Kits for Home or Business use at the Highest standard, quality and accuracy. You can buy now online (24 Hours) or call our all day sales team on tel: 07811 606 606 (8.00am to 10.00pm)

We supply drug testing kits at LOWEST PRICES throughout the UK to rehab centres and the general public. We have a large choice of products, and always carry everything we advertise in stock. We are happy to accept NHS orders and wholesale orders. Company employee testing is also available however large your company may be. We offer an “COMPANY ONSITE TESTING” if needed by our qualified staff. All drug tests are CE quality assured, professional standard drug testing kits. We also offer a next day delivery, and discrete packaging. We are now part of Cetox Limited. Fast delivery, everything in stock, great service, money back guarantee makes Cetox, drug testing kits market leaders. If you need any help or advice about all our tests, please call our team on tel: 0845 3881 543. Open 9.00am – 10.00pm

Our in-house laboratory now offer a drugs screening service. This service can be used to screen for traces of drugs on any surface and is particularly valuable for workplace drug screening, licensee drugs policy compliance, monitoring of drug use in schools and colleges or for parents concerned about possible drug use.

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